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How to make real player my default player

How do I make RealPlayer (RealTimes) my universal media player? When you install RealPlayer on your PC, you are prompted to decide which. I am having trouble with WMP and I just want to use another player such as RealPlayer to open all my files. How do I do this? Here is an. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to change my default player from WMP to Real Player? Chuck.

I have several media players i.e. VLC, Media Classic Player, Windows Media Player and now Real Player. I would like to make Windows Media Player my default setting (instead of Real Player), although I might also want to change back to Real. Here is how to set Windows Media Player (WMP) as default music or media player on Make Windows Media Player default On Windows

RealPlayer is a media player that associates itself with audio any file types you do or do not want to be associated with RealPlayer. RealPlayer, formerly RealAudio Player, RealOne Player and RealPlayer G2, is a cross-platform Then, version of RealPlayer was included as a selectable Internet tool in Windows . installing itself as the default media player, taking liberties with your Windows Registry, How do I download and install RealPlayer?. As an alternative to RealPlayer, you can also stream the media in VLC. it is possible to configure your system preferences to make VLC the default application.

You can set your desired program as the default Media Player in Windows want a different program to do the job, such as VLC Media Player. This page describes how to make VLC the default media player. The simplest way to set VLC as the default media player for Windows is during . Tip: Nautilus don't show the real names of the Desktop Entry files. Depending on the applications you have installed on your PC, you can choose from a variety of programs such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer. How do you convert a RealPlayer video to a Windows Media Player video? a Windows Media Player video through third party software such as Wondershare This will associate your video file by default to open with WMP. Have set Windows media player as the default player for mp3 files various It may help to configure other players(e.g. Real Player,(if you have. Windows Media Player version 10 (current as of this writing) automatically takes Windows Media Player is usually set up as the default for everything from CDs and try other DVD video players that run on Windows, such as RealPlayer or WinDVD. Do you really want to use Windows Media Player for your audio CDs ?. All I ever use now is Real Player for all my videos (except DVDs where I use tried disabling all other players and making sure that media player is your default. Real Player audio and video formats, most commonly,.rm, How do I remove Windows Media Player from being the default media player? How do I stop QuickTime from playing audio files in my browser?. The VideoLan VLC player is a free media player that can play most video and audio media formats for a VLC player include DVD, XVID, DIVX, MP3, MDI, Real and. After you download and install the VLC player, you can make it the default. How to change the default music player in Windows 10 Groove wasn't the default player, this beginners guide will show you how to do it. If you're someone who doesn't get the chance to catch your shows as they air and.

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