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Who does hino kahoko end up with

Len's relationship with Kahoko Hino started out rocky. In the end he confesses that only Kahoko can make him feel the way he does and says only she can. Fourth goes to yaoi pairings and that does not mean . If Tsukimori Len and Hino Kahoko don't end up together, fifty thousand mob of. The anime doesn't end with her ending up with anyone, unfortunately (it's also kind of a good thing, though). But there is the 2-episode special.

kiniro no corda

She didn't end up OFFICIALLY with anyone. Len confessed his love and she hugged him. She never said I love you, too. They never officially dated. So no one. Who will Kahoko Hino end with? She ended up with Tsukimori in the manga. If you try reading the chapters where Kahoko found out that Len was going abroad . Who do u want to end up w/ hino 4 me.. i want her 2 b w/ Len ~Violin Romance~.

LEN CAN SEE LILI yes lili the magic fairy who gave kahoko hino the magic!!!!! READ but i have a strong feeling that they will end up together!! Report to . world starting to end* Len! why did you have to leave!. Hino Kahoko the heroine who plays violin is surrounded by gorgeous guys namely: . They talk a lot and Ryoutaro shows that he really does like Hino and he sort So the question remains, who's going to end up with Hino?. Clockwise from right: Kahoko Hino, Shoko Fuyuumi, Keiichi Shimizu, Azuma Yunoki, Kazuki Hihara, Ryōtaro Tsuchiura and Len Tsukimori (center). This is a list of characters of the dating simulation game, manga, and anime series, La Corda Near the end of the manga Kahoko realized that she has a deep respect and.

Read the topic about which guy do you want to end up with kahoko/hino? on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga. All Tsukimori Len wanted to do was cook for his lovely girlfriend La Corda He didn't mean to end up on top of Hino, really or so he says. Tsukimori Len x. Little did she knew that it was after that man's departure, that the real story begins . He didn't mean to end up on top of Hino, really or so he says. Because of Hino Kahoko, Tsukimori Len broke his arm nine days before a major concert. Hino Kahoko is a complete beginner thus, explains her limited talent in music. In the end, Hino could do nothing but sit beside Tsukimori as he held to her talent-less violin playing to which Tsukimori checked up on her to. Years after, Hino Kahoko met up with Yunoki Azuma again. Now though Little did they know what was about to happen to their happy ending. Title: After Concert Pairing: Tsukimori Len/Hino Kahoko Rating: G Summary: Disclaimer: La Corda D'Oro does not belong to me; otherwise, well, Len would have already managed to kiss Hino. Ano, if this is a prank call, it isn't funny waking up a person at five thirty in the morning on a Sunday—“ So it just ended , huh?. Summary: Hino Kahoko has a wish and so does Tsukimori Len. At the end of the festival, the bamboo branches are thrown in a river; a ritual act She stood up with a sigh and, as was her customary routine before starting. I don't like Ryoutaro '*makes a face*) Anyway Len is VERY pretty, Kahoko is cute and the animation in this show he ended up with hino~ yay!. Later, he warms up to Kahoko and eventually gives her advice on how to hold and Tsukimori then buys flowers for Hino, but does not stay to the end to see her. The manga adaptation by Yuki Kure was released in and it ended in ; so this is Kahoko Hino is a student in Seiso Academy. With a magical violin by her side and the growing love for music, Kahoko did well in the selections! . Only when Kaji arrives and clearly declaire he won't give up (kahoko), some guys .

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