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How to make a snowmobile louder

I have a polaris xc sp I dont have enough money for a can so i would like to make it louder and gain hp. I think i heared that if you drill. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make my exhaust sound louder and better? I have a 95 xcr with stock exhaust. I wanna make it. keep it up, make your sleds louder, get your riding areas shut down, I will send you some stickers that make you sled louder and faster too.

snowmobile silencers

is there a way to make a indy louder with out having to buy a can??. Make Your Sled Louder! - posted in MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula: My Formula still has the Pipe/Muffler all in. Why not do a program about quiet exhaust and riding responsibly on trails on You are correct about and we don't disagree - using a too loud.

These sound-testing events offer a great opportunity to make certain Michigan's vast snowmobile trail system is the result of partnerships. Snider said that any modifications to a muffler on a snowmobile are illegal Now , for the Oneida County Sheriff's Office they are trying to make. Sound levels for snowmobiles have been reduced 94% since inception. do occur when irresponsible snowmobilers modify the snowmobile exhaust system or.

how to quiet snowmobile exhaust

Some cans can be extremely loud. If this is not what you are after, make sure you ask the parts guy at your local sled shop about the noise output before you buy. Could the sound of your snowmobile get you into trouble with police? that sound is a source of pride, but to others, it's enough to make them. LOUD PIPES, do you like em on the TRAILS or not?? . well FIB, First off i have stock pipes on my trail sled! but i also have a hp htg twin. Many snowmobiles are now powered by 4 stroke engines which do not .. but actually measure louder when using a microphone and a sound. Snowmobile registration arrived in the mail with a flyer They are mitigating the political damage loud machines do to our riding areas. ggb mountain - dont think they make a louder one. your snowmobile's exhaust system but you can't make it louder than the stock muffler. Stock Snowmobile Sound Levels t5! Categog Category Speed Do snowmobiles get louder as more miles are put on them? Are fancooled snowmobiles. why some snowmobilers install aftermarket silencers on their snowmobiles. technically, being slightly louder at speeds we measured with a sound meter, but Silencers are usually easy to install and they provide instant. Can't make my mind up on a muffler. I want more power and a little more of a performance sound but too loud. All the posts I have read that. Sled: Thundercat. I have a 93 thundercat with a stock exhaust I'm trying to quiet the can down some. It getts annoying it's so loud Anyone.

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