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How many days without rain in seattle

For Seattleites missing rain and clear skies, Wednesday marks a First: Seattle has gone a record-breaking number of days without And according to the Weather Service, the streak is set to live on — at least for a few days. The Truth About the Weather and Rain in Seattle but while rain in Seattle is pretty commonplace, it's not quite as bad as people make it seem. The most likely reason is that it rains often here, and it rains for long periods of. It hasn't rained in Seattle in 50 days, since before the start of Some mist has occurred a few times since, but no measurable precipitation.

most consecutive days of rain seattle

You probably know that the nickname of Seattle is the Rain City, but does it really days are in autumn and winter, not the whole year round as many assume. Updates on how much rain Seattle has received in , on a monthly and annual basis. Average rainfall for an entire year is inches. Seattle Sees Wettest Day in 3 Months; More Rain to Come. February 17, am. In any given year, Seattle averages days with measurable rain. left in the hopper in , we'll go a bit more above average, but not significantly so. April has had as many as 25 days with rain and as few as three.

Believe it or not, the data is actually out there to find out. And hours of rain falling across rainy days means it rains about hours. The Seattle region has set a new all time record for the most days without measurable rain. The previous record stood for 66 years. According to the Seattle Weather Blog: > Heavy rainfall in February and lengthy streaks of nonstop rainfall; 86 to 89 days is not unheard of.

When it comes to extended periods of dry weather, Seattle just hit a The longest stretch of days without rain in October is 20 days, but in. Seattle experiences an average of rainy days a year, which is more than The amount of rain that falls, however, is typically not that much. If there's no rainfall in Seattle on Tuesday night, the city will set a new record of 52 consecutive days without measurable precipitation. rain, here's a look at the past month of satellite images - not much happening over WA.

how many days did it rain in seattle in 2015

Seattle is a seaport city on the West Coast of the United States. It is the seat of King County, .. However, unlike many other U.S. cities, Seattle has many more rain days, when a very light drizzle falls from the sky for many days. . brought heavy rain and winds gusting up to 69 mph ( km/h), an event that was not caused. Seattle gets some kind of precipitation, on average, days per year. Many people confuse weather and climate but they are different. Weather is the. Of course, once we started looking at rain and snow we just could not stop there. .. However, over the long haul Seattle wins, beating Portland 10 years out of. How Many Rainy Days Has Pgh. Had So Far This Year? The longest period in Pittsburgh without any precipitation in has been six days that According to the weather service, Seattle has had 92 dry days this year. US Rain and Dry Days. Explanation. 18 July Number of Rain Days (past 30 days). Browse Graphic of Days Since a Rain Day (past 30 days). A Seattle wardrobe is incomplete without a rain jacket and boots. but it's also true that many Seattleites have rejoiced in the sunny days we've. So – it Never Rains in Seattle? Not by a Long Shot. It wouldn't be fair to sit here and tell you it never rains here, because it does. On average, it. Given Seattle's solid reputation for rain, it must be one of the wettest cities in America, right? How much does it rain in Seattle? Believe it or not, there are cities with even more rainy (or snowy) days: Buffalo, Portland. Seattle has recorded inches of rain in the last days This week's rain, won't boost that number too much. Not cold but cool. Another. seattle days without rain seattle mariners vs texas p. P Today I found out that Seattle doesn't really get that much rain compared to most U.S. cities.

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