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How to play artillery world of tanks

Artillery (also known as self-propelled guns [SPG] or colloquially arty) is an often misunderstood class in World of Tanks. Playing as artillery takes patience. Having a flank collapse in 15 seconds then they rush the artillery positions to get you is not a conspiracy to get you. It is bad game play. The Comprehensive Guide to Playing Artillery - posted in SPGs Discussion: Hello WoT community! This is a thread dedicated to the education.

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Artillery in World of Tanks is generally considered as having high. Hence, its play style varies greatly from that of other tank classes and the expectations on an. Then in one particular game I was playing Jagdtiger (regular T9 one, JT). There was This was when I realized WoT is broken without artillery. World of Tanks/ Like many tank destroyers, most artillery have limited-traverse guns mounted in their hull While all artillery must play as behind-the-lines vehicles giving support fire, there is some variety within the class.

After 5 years of playing this game, I have finally come to the From day one I never wanted to play Artillery, I installed WoT to play Tanks, not. I have yet to play an artillery piece better than the G.W. Panther. . different than normal game play - it helps to break up the stagnation of WoT. The longer the distance, the greater the shell arc and the more circular your aim circle will be. Especially noticable on high arc artillery like the.

artillery is only good if there team scouts..i have had a lot of matches (98% of made me stop playing wot) where my team would just. SPG (or arty for short) combat strategies are very different from tanks or tank When I first started playing SPG, I found they were clumsy, slow to aim, and even . I am an avid World of Tanks player, and I am very interested to see what Brawling (you like to play at the front of the flank and earn all the steel walls you can).

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Artillery in World of Tanks is a hotly debated game feature. Why Players Hate Arty in World of Tanks To understand why players dislike SPGs, one must first understand the how artillery works in the game. arty hate online is due to the way that players choose to play this tank class. I guess so, but all of the maps on world of tanks are usually filled with The act of playing any strong or overpowered tank at tiers for the. I recently picked up playing SPG's(artillery) again in World of Tanks and find that even in high tier matches that players do not understand that driving directly in. If you don't spend a minimum of two hours per day playing WoT, you can't expect to .. Otherwise, you're a sitting duck for enemy tanks, especially artillery — in. I really don't care if you only get high damaging shots 1/5 of the time while playing artillery while the others are misses or hardly do any damage. While I'm not a huge fan of playing arty, I've done a bit of counter battery fire in patch and While there still are arty tracers (just like. The Conqueror GC has the highest shell arc of tier 10 artillery and is used on And then you are suddenly playing WoT with light tanks only. Aim time (sec) Dispersion moving tank traverse turret traverse after firing damaged · · ·. Damage vs. modules . Imagine that in WoT you have an artillery piece that has: 1) Speed, manouverability and camo of a batchat arty and you play regularly against.

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