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What does it mean to sync

It is a very useful feature in Google account if you are enable this feature in your android it means you can access your data globally sync mean. The definition of Sync defined and explained in simple language. It explains in computing terminology what Sync means and is one of many. so does that mean I need sync on to receive email, fb, twitter ect. notifications/ updates? because when my sync is off I don't get any notifications.

what is the use of sync

If two things are in/out of sync, they reach the same or related stage at the same Meaning of sync in English How do I sync my phone to my computer?. sync definition: Sync, short for synchronize, is defined as to match up, or when To sync two computers means to set them to the same time of day or to copy the. It is commonly associated with IRC chat, Meaning Internet Relay Chat.!sync is a known command for the module bs_fantasy_ext commonly associated with.

Definition of synchronization: General: Process of precisely coordinating or matching two or more activities, devices, or processes in time. See also synchronous. Using Google Mail on Nexus 7 tablet with Android v, which apparently is up to date: I have recently begun getting message Primary sync is off. Turn it on in. Sync up or synch up — TFD. verb To coordinate something with something else so that they operate at the same rate and in correspondence.

Sync, short for synchronize, is a verb for making things work together. The word now means any type of such matching up, including personal relationships. Sync means different things to different people. Probably the most widely known sync system is the Dropbox cloud service, which is used to synchronize and. Definition - What does Synchronization mean? Synchronization, in the context of. NET, is a process that involves coordinating the execution of multiple threads.

To sync two computers means to set them to the same time of day or to copy the data from one computer to THIS DEFINITION IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Synchronization occurs when a mobile device communicates with applications on a personal computer or a server. This is often referred to. This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of SYNC ( SYNC acronym/abbreviation/slang word). Ever wondered what SYNC means?. Synchronize definition is - to happen at the same time. How to use synchronize in a sentence. circa , in the meaning defined at intransitive sense. GoCanvas works offline, which means you don't need to have an internet connection at all times while using it. Eventually, however, you do. To keep your data up to date in the mysms cloud, there is a complete sync every 24 hours. In case the notification “Messages 24h not synced” appears, mysms. Get to the settings page. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app Gmail. In the top left, tap Menu Menu. Tap General settings or the account you. Define syncing. syncing synonyms, syncing pronunciation, syncing translation, English dictionary definition of syncing. or synch Informal n. 1. Synchronization. Data synchronization can be local synchronization where the device and computer are side-by-side and data is transferred or remote synchronization when a. Synchronize definition, to cause to indicate the same time, as one timepiece with Even though the standard calendar year is days, the Earth actually takes.

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