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How to turn on autocomplete in firefox

Firefox can remember the information you entered in forms on web pages, and also your search history in the Navigation bar. If you don't want Firefox to remember this, and wish to turn off the auto form fill feature, then follow the steps in this article. Click or double-click the. jscher 2 years ago. Hi Anthony, both of those are on by default, but you can check your settings on the Options page, Privacy panel. 3-bar menu button . Make sure that Firefox is set to remember form entries and that Enabling form autocomplete also makes Firefox store.

firefox clear autocomplete history

2 days ago This article explains how a website can disable autocomplete for form fields. By default, browsers remember information that the user submits. However, most major browsers, including Firefox, have an auto-fill feature that bells and whistles, when you activate it, the browser automatically pulls up the auto-fill feature, download a Firefox add-on such as Autofill Forms or Autofill. The Mozilla Firefox browser automatically suggests a list of sites when you start You can also turn off the URL autocomplete feature to prevent Firefox from.

In this article, we will tell you how to disable the autofill options in some of the most In Firefox, you will want to not only turn off autofill data, but also clear it. In Firefox, you will want to not only turn off autofill data, but Turning off Autofill in Firefox. Click on the Firefox menu icon. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser. next to Ask to save logins and passwords for websites (A) and Autofill addresses (B).

put a hidden empty text field between username and password autocomplete -->

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